The Minions have landed!


Fans of Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 will not be disappointed with the hilarious adventure of MINIONS taking center stage. While the story plot may not be as complex as with previous films this film will have you laughing with its silly non sequiturs like “ba-na-nah!”until the end.


It begins with the story of minions throughout the ages (yes, they have a legacy!) and how they have prevailed in their search for an evil mastermind they can worship and follow. After a rousing speech in minionese Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, whom we have met in the other films, embark on the adventure to save the minions from the leaderless doldrums they find themselves in, and find a worthy master of true evil.


After drifting into New York harbor and their exploits in Macy’s department store overnight, the search for their holy grail leads them to VillianCon (a very funny spoof of ComicCon) in Orlando, where villains have their convention. It is there that Kevin, Stuart, and Bob meet the most clever, ambitious, and evil Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock). International locales worthy of James Bond ensue with much hilarity, a great part of it being how Kevin, Stuart, and Bob communicate with each other and solve problems. Scarlet enlist the three minions in her evil plan. Her goal: steal the crown and become Queen of England.


Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud once again return to helm the film and work their brilliant magic of comic animation which keeps you entertained with slapstick and suspense. One of the most hysterical moments comes when Stuart is given a brand new electric guitar. Watch for it.


Surprisingly, the movie is a romp that follows the exploits of Kevin, Stuart, and Bob

who only speak minionese and yet make everything so perfectly clear that even five year olds can understand—and there were a good amount of children in the audience laughing loudly at the adventures of the three friends.

















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